How to Make a Doughnut Cookie Cutter with Center Cutout in Cookiecad

How to Make a Doughnut Cookie Cutter with Center Cutout in Cookiecad #

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a cookie cutter with a cutout in Cookiecad. Examples of this would be a doughnut, or a letter “A” or anything where you want cutouts in the middle of your cutter.

Create your image #

Draw a filled in doughnut or simply type a large letter “O” in the drawing program or app of your choice (for windows you can use paint.NET; for windows or mac use pinta, or inkscape; for tablets and phone any drawing app will do). Here I just typed a letter “O” using Arial Black font 144 point bold.


Go to and scroll down to see the button to upload your image. Click the button and upload your image. First it will show you a preview of just the outline of your shape.

Click over to the “free download” tab”. Then scroll down to the imprint section and select “edge trace”


Now you should see the center cutout in the preview. But it is not connected to the outside. To connect it, scroll down to “center bar” and click horizontal and set the width to 20. You can adjust this width to your liking.


Now scroll up to see your 3d preview. The cutter is ready for download!


The default setting for blade thickness in cookiecad is 0.8mm but personally I like 0.9mm. You can adjust this to the thickness that works best for you. Both the interior and exterior blade thickness will be adjusted. (Note: Extra blade is not compatible with edge trace at this time, that setting is ignored while edge trace is active).

Click “Download STL” and your STL will save to your computer. Now open this file in your slicer and 3D print it! If you don’t have a 3D printer you can use the buy tab to purchase your cutter from us (just click “imprint” and when checking out, indicate you want a cutout in the cart notes).

Have fun using Cookiecad!